Chubby Dumpling

Angry wife? Angry Husband? Somebody sucks again the the raid party? They told you no pets or weapons at any other cafe or venue? That is why Chubby Dumpling Tea House exists! We welcome all! No matter of the mood, DPS ability or internal screaming level.

Open Mic Fridays!

Let the present staff know if you would like to sign up!

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Use this place for a club meeting!

Have an idea for a club but don't know where to run it? Use this place to meet up! Book club, knitting club, drawing club... voska club?

Let our staff know to sign up!

Chubby Dumpling strongly believes in comfort and nothingness. If you ever need a place to relax or run away from the world you are always welcomed here. Roleplaying or not, the doors are always open for those who just want to relax. Even if one of us is not present ;) Come in to afk craft or attempt to communicate.
And here is our staff!